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Health Benefits of Turmeric Milk


Turmeric has anti-biotic properties and is wealthy in calcium. The incorporation of these two basic components in your common eating routine can stay away from illnesses and contaminations.


Here are the best turmeric milk benefits:


  1. Respiratory Illness: Turmeric milk is antimicrobial and fights bacterial contaminations and viral ailments. It is profitable in treating afflictions related to the respiratory system since the flavor warms up your body and gives rapid easing from lung stop up and sinuses. This is in like manner a convincing answer for fix asthma and bronchitis.


  1. Cancer: This milk created utilizing rough turmeric anticipates and stops the advancement of bosom, skin, lung, and prostate developments since it has relieving properties. This shields the development cells from hurting the DNA and lessens the reactions of chemotherapy.


  1. Turmeric Milk For Cough And Cold: Milk with turmeric is seen as the best answer for chilly and hack on account of its antiviral and antibacterial properties. It gives alleviation to a sore throat and aides in decreasing hack.


  1. Liver Detox: Turmeric milk is a characteristic liver detoxifier and blood purifier that lifts the liver limit. It cleans the liver and washes down the lymphatic structure.


  1. Dermatitis: Drink a glass of turmeric deplete every day to treat dermatitis


  1. Blood Purifier: Turmeric milk is seen as a great blood purifier in Ayurvedic tradition. It can resuscitate and bolster the blood course in the body. It also sanitizes the lymphatic system and the veins from all contaminations.


  1. Clear Complexion: Trust turmeric milk to give you flawless skin without any responses. There is a motivation behind why it was seen as an ideal answer for clear skin. It makes your skin smooth and spot free, diminishes relatively irrelevant contrasts, wrinkles, and skin aggravation.


  1. Menstrual Cramps: Turmeric deplete works awesome as it is an antispasmodic that encourages menstrual fits and misery. Pregnant women should have turmeric milk for basic transport, improved lactation, and speedier narrowing of ovaries.


  1. Treats Headaches: Warm turmeric milk eases you from cerebral pains and headaches. They help in calming and enables you to go ahead with your day, absent much inconvenience .


  1. Rash And Skin Redness: Drink turmeric milk for a shining skin. Dunk a cotton ball in turmeric milk and apply on the affected zone for 15 minutes to lessen the skin redness and untidy patches. This will make the skin more splendid and shining than beforehand.


  1. Weight decrease: All things considered, turmeric milk helps in the breakdown of dietary fat. This can be useful in controlling your body weight.


  1. Enhances Reproductive Health: As a smooth phytoestrogen, turmeric can help advance the conceptive prosperity in women. They are particularly endorsed to women who experience difficulty considering because of lopsidedness in the hormones.


Lower Back Protection Tips

Lower Back Protection Tips

The backbone in your body provides the body with a tremendous amount of strength and flexibility, but it is also prone to a lot of problems. This is usually due to the fact nerves run throughout both the body as well as the spine.

Spinal problems can also cause problems in other parts of the body such as legs or hips. The muscles and ligaments present in the spine often expands or stretches when they are subjected to stress. These stretches eventually lead to soft tissues or even muscle strain.

 Lower Back Protection Tips

In this article, we’ll go through some tips that will help you protect your lower back.

  1. Core exercises

In order to support your lower back, you need to have stronger muscles in your core. Having a stronger core can also help in avoiding a back injury. There are plenty of exercises of the cardiovascular kind which result in the increase in blood flow as well as better circulation of nutrition and hydration in the lower region on your spine. For those who find exercising a little out of reach, try and set goals within your daily life which should include activities that require strength and stamina, such as going up and down the stairwell.

  1. Physical health

Speaking of exercises, another great way to ensure lower back protection is to be healthy overall. It doesn’t matter how you approach overall health measures, all that counts is that you do it. This will, in turn, reflect on your lower back as well. Some steps you can take are stopping smoking, eating food that is anti-inflammatory and drinking a lot of water. Avoiding alcohol can also bid your back well.

  1. Hamstring stretches

Tight hamstrings can result in back pains and hence, you need to stretch them regularly. There are plenty of exercises and routines which, apart from helping your lower back, will also help take the load off of your pelvis. But you need to be careful about the hamstring stretch that you do since there are different stretches for different back conditions. A consultation from the doctor is highly recommended.

  1. Lifting

Although being healthy and young can be beneficial when lifting heavy objects, your back is still susceptible to injuries if they aren’t raised properly. When lifting, it is best to squat and then lift instead of bending without making use of your knees.

  1. Posture

A painful back is usually the result of a poor posture. This is why it is critical to invest in seats that support your back. Your stance when you stand can also affect your lower back and therefore, you need to find a way to continually remind yourself to correct your posture at different times of the day.

Tips That Will Help You Better Your Posture

Better Your Posture

1. Avoid slumping whenever seated

Although slouching may seem comfortable, especially when you are seated, it is something that needs to be avoided at all costs. Instead of slumping, you can always try to use the seat’s back support by going all the way back. To support the natural curve of the backbone, you can always make use of a cushion or towel. The position of your knees should also be remembered as they should either be kept at the same height as that of the hips or higher. Your feet should also be flat on the ground.

Better Your Posture

2. While standing

To prevent problems that stem from issues related to how you stand, you must stand as tall as possible. Not only would this help your posture, but also make you feel as well as look better. To get an idea as to how you must stand, it is best to stand against the wall with your head facing straight, and your chin tucked in. It is also essential to keep your shoulders in the back while doing this little exercise.

3. Texting

It is easy to neglect the well-being of your neck especially if you are someone who uses the phone all the time. Hence, in order to reduce stress on the neck and in turn, your spine, you need to stretch this region regularly. You must also check and see if stretching your neck strains your back. These can add up in a year or even a day. To avoid said strains on your back, you must start lifting your phone to a height where you only need to use your eyes instead of the entirety of the head.

4. Heels

Heels can be extremely fashionable, and there is no question about that, but the problems that it causes to the back can prove fatal as the spine is thrust forward and the back is over-arched. How the backbone is lined up would be changed which in turn, would put additional stress as well as pressure on the nerves that would ultimately cause a lot of back pain. This is why you should avoid using high heels for daily wear and instead, use footwear that has very little heel height.

5. The right way to sleep

You also need to be careful when you sleep. Apart from the mattress, which needs to be firm and not soft, you also need to make a note of how the pillow is positioned. You need to position it in such a way that your head is at the same level as that of your spine. This is particularly helpful for side sleepers, and when it comes to back sleepers, all you need is a small pillow instead of a thick one.

Biostat Disc Augmentation System

Augmentation System

Spinal Restoration, Inc. is developing a proprietary technology, the Biostat™ Disc Augmentation System, for treating discogenic chronic low back pain. This biologic treatment will offer patients an opportunity for pain relief and disc healing. The procedure, which is called resorbable biologic disc augmentation, involves application of Biostat BIOLOGX™ Fibrin Sealant, a human derived biologic compound, into an internally disrupted disc to occlude the annular fissures and restore a level of mechanical integrity to the annulus fibrosus. Occluding the fissures addresses the chemical pain by preventing leakage of the nucleus pulposus into the outer one-third of the annulus fibrosus or onto the spinal nerve root. With the fissures in the annulus occluded, further degradation of the disc may be avoided, stability within the disc is restored, and healing of the disc may be facilitated.

Spinal Restoration’s solution

Is a minimally invasive, nonsurgical approach
Is performed as an outpatient procedure
Reduces pain and offers the potential for disc healing
Is resorbable and burns no bridges if additional treatments are required.
Utilizes fibrin, the body’s natural healing matrix
The Biostat Disc Augmentation System combines Biostat BIOLOGX Fibrin Sealant with a proprietary delivery system specifically designed for this application. The Biostat Disc Augmentation System will be the subject of an FDA regulated clinical trial to prove the safety and efficacy of this new therapy.

Patients interested in learning more about the pending FDA regulated clinical trial should review our Frequently Asked Questions.

The Technology

The Technology

Spinal Restoration, Inc. has developed a proprietary technique for treating degenerative disc disease. In this procedure, a biologically derived compound is applied to the disc to treat the degenerative condition.

The Spinal Restoration technology directly addresses the market of discogenic chronic low back pain and offers significant advantages over existing treatments. The advantages of the Spinal Restoration solution over other treatment modalities include:

  • Early Intervention
  • Minimally invasive, non-surgical treatment
  • Treatment that addresses the source of the pain and the symptoms

Spinal Restoration has conducted an IRB approved study of this technology. Experts who have reviewed the 6 month follow-up data from this study have classified the results as outstanding. In addition, more that 80 undocumented patients were treated with an early version of the technology and achieved promising results.

News Release

News Release

Spinal Restoration, Inc. Completes Patient Enrollment in Its Pilot Study of the Biostat®System for the Treatment of Discogenic Low Back Pain

Austin, TX – September 9, 2008
Spinal Restoration, Inc. announced today it has completed enrollment in the Investigational Device Exemption (IDE) pilot study of the Biostat® System. Six month clinical results from this three site, 15 patient study are expected to be available in early 2009. 

The goal of the study is to examine the safety and efficacy of the Biostat System in the treatment of chronic discogenic low back pain resulting from Internal Disc Disruptions (IDD). The pilot study is being conducted at three clinical sites which are led by three of the world’s leading clinical researchers of interventional spine therapies, Dr. Kevin Pauza (Tyler, TX), Dr. Way Yin (Bellingham, WA), and Dr. Wayne Olan (Bethesda, MD). 

“Spinal Restoration would like to thank our three clinical investigators and their staffs for their efforts in enrolling this pilot study in such a short period” said Gary Sabins, President and CEO of Spinal Restoration, Inc. “This pilot study is a critical step in our combined efforts to bring this exciting intradiscal therapy to millions of patients who suffer from chronic discogenic low back pain.” 

The Biostat System consists of BIOSTAT BIOLOGX® Fibrin Sealant, a human derived, biologic tissue sealant, and a proprietary application system designed to safely deliver the biologic to the intervertebral disc. Application of BIOSTAT BIOLOGX Fibrin Sealant to the disc may alleviate pain by sealing the painful disruptions, reducing inflammation, and enhancing tissue repair. 

Results from the pilot study will be combined with results from ongoing laboratory and animal research to support an application for a pivotal trial of the Biostat System in 2009. 

About Spinal Restoration
Spinal Restoration restores patients’ lives by delivering new therapies that address unmet needs in spine health management. These therapies are minimally invasive, early interventions with clinically proven results. The company is working with a diverse, highly regarded group of clinical and scientific advisors to develop the Biostat System, a proprietary resorbable biologic and delivery system for the treatment of chronic disc pain. 

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